Apex Welding, LLC
 Meeting all your welding needs!

About Us

Based out of West Georgia, Apex Welding is the smart choice for welding in the growing Atlanta metropolitan area; with an extensive background of experience ranging from small fabrication shops to large scale construction welding.  Apex Welding has the knowledge to provide quality workmanship at an affordable price. The demanding work done in paper mills, power plants and boilers, is the foundation on which Apex Welding builds its unwavering ethics and reputation. Many years of working in various types of industrial construction (welding, rigging, ironwork, pipe) has given Apex Welding the experience to tackle any project.  Apex Welding has the experience of using creative ways to get the job done in time and under-budget.

Apex Welding is certified in SMAW(stick), GTAW(tig), GMAW(mig), and FCAW(flux-core). 

If you have metal that needs to be welded give us a call. We would love to provide you with a free quote and discuss your project.  Apex Welding is a phone call away from your new construction, general repairs, or updating of existing structures...anything to do with metal - Apex Welding is the call to make. 

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