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Below are a few before and after pictures of a completely new fabrication designed to allow access to front of the fan for maintenance.
Below are a few before and after pictures of a platform built onto an existing frame. The fan needed to be accessible on both sides as well as on top of the unit.
Below are a few more before and after pictures of another cooling fan that needed a working platform.
Below is a before and after of a modification of a set of stairs. The stairs needed to be wider to accommodate more traffic. After discussing all the options with the company, Apex Welding was able to modify an existing set of stairs to keep cost down.
Below is a before and after of an addition to a working platform that needed a higher level.
Below is a custom access ladder to reach the top of the machine easily.
Below is a custom built safety ladder for a rooftop hatch.
Below is a regulator that needed to be cut in to an existing line and welded in place on a roof top. 
Below is a picture of an underground gas line.


Below is a custom "Bag Rack" Built to the customers requirements.
The dock plate below was hanging off the right side of the dock due to the crumbling of the concrete and anchors that were not long enough. With the concrete being unable to support anchors to in the corner, Apex Welding was able to use a piece of 11gauge plate to connect the full length of the leveler to a strip of metal in the pad. This repair made the whole dock stronger and smoother to drive across with a forklift.


Below are a few pictures of typical damage to dock levelers. Apex Welding can repair most damage to dock plates normally with in 24hrs.
Below is a before and after of an opening in a wall. The wall was framed with wood which attracts termites. Apex replaced all the wood with steel.
Below are a few pictures of a support. The company asked for a solution that involved linking the main building support beam to the auxiliary beams running perpendicular underneath. The customer required that the support couldn't be welded, drilled, or altered in any way and done very quickly. Apex proposed a support that straddled the main beam on top in between the roof, and hung down to the auxiliary beam. This support cleared up valuable floor space for the customer. Apex welding met all the customers requirements and had the project done the next day.
Below are two awnings built to keep the rain off.
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